The Little Boy Know His Destiny

There is this young boy who works in a coffeeshop near the place I stay. Every now and then, we go to this coffeeshop for breakfast or lunch, when he is working, he will come and talk to us. We knew him when he was a little boy, doing part-time job while schooling.

Good Food
Local delicacy – Tomato Mee

Each time we see him, we will ask whether he had breakfast or lunch. When he said he hadn’t,  we then ask him to  order from the food stall and we pay the bill. He is such a polite young boy and never actually asked for anything. But we admire his character of working to support himself while studying.

One time, he asked us whether he can packed the food and bring home instead of eating there, we told him he can. That is when we knew he has a younger sister who is also working in another coffeeshop. He wanted to share the food with his younger sister who is at home that day.

At time we see him doing his homework in the coffeeshop and the operator, a young man teaching him while manning the food court in the busy lunch hours. A very kind and young employer and a very hard working employee with mutual respect.

Just few days ago, we see this young boy again and he came and speak to us again. As usual, we asked him whether he had breakfast, he politely told us he had. What follow really made us ponder and becoming a good lesson for my two sons. The young boy told us that he came out first in his class for the just concluded school term with many A.

While we did not doubt what he said, we just curious how he find time to study when he had to work late evening after school, juggling between school and his part-time work, apart from the lunch time when his young employer teaches him. His reply is simple, ” I wake up early morning, do my homework and study.”

You see, life always have challenges and obstacles, it’s how we deal with them that make the different. We have no doubt that this young boy will go very far in future as for a person who had endure hardship and reap success will most treasure it.

If this young boy can find time to study and be top of his class, what excuses do we have for not doing what we need to do to improve our life?

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