Warning To You


Early this morning, I received a notification on my iPad an email with the subject “Warning to you….” I thought to myself, ” Oh no, not again!” You see, my Macbook was infected with virus a couple of weeks ago when I trying to clear many of the old email that still archive in my inbox. It cost me a few hundred bugs and the assistance of a online technician from apple to have my MacBook clean.

The reason I  was clearing this is simple, I just making new goals and to unlearn, relearn and do something that I had been plaining for a long time but also finding excuses to procrastinate.

Seeing  the WARNING email, I immediately log in and read the email. It is a warning letter no doubt but a positive warning,  to me it came aptly to remind me that I MUST DO instead of  Thinking of doing.

How often we wanted to do something to change our status  of our life and the situation we were in but was overwhelmed by the challenges and obstacles in front of us. Remember the Rich Monk, Poor Monk. The Rich Monk who was thinking of going around the country to preach the teaching of Buddha, the Rich Monk is constantly preparing for his journey,  accessing and analysing the environment and situation and waiting for the perfect time.

7Th Wonder of the World. The Borobudur Temple.

Whereas the Poor Monk who just take his Single Step and walk  his thousand miles to preach along the way. Did he has challenges and obstacles, I bet he had. Along the way, he got the help and assist from the villagers he helped finding peace of mind and enlightenment in life. Every challenges and obstacles he overcame, made the Poor Monk stronger and wiser and eventually, he earned the respect of many followers.

You see, the Rich Monk is suffering the syndrome of analysis to paralysis. Which literally means that the more you analyse something, the more information you need. The more information you have, the more will be the amount of time you take to research and think it over. Before too long, you notice teatime had passed but you have actually achieve nothing.

So starting today, Just Do It. Sure you will make mistakes, and every mistake you make and overcome, will make you wiser. And the more mistake you make and overcome, the wiser you will become. Before long, you shall become the Master like the Poor Monk who unknowingly has huge groups pf follower.

Make it Your GOAL today that you will DO and not think. I new I DO that is why you are reading this blog.

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