A Single Step

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles, begin with A Single Step!”  Lau Tzu.

What Excite You? What will be your answer when you are being ask on this question?

Well caught me for a while; to be honest, after so many years climbing the corporate ladder from the starting job of sorting mail, deliver mail, filing and do some simple admin work to now lead a team of employees and sales consultants to achieve company target for the region I am incharged; I suddenly realised I had lost the fire in my belly to achieve my passion in life.

Life has been good to me and I probably is like a frog bathing in a slow heating water, comfortably adjusting the environment that i am in, slow and quietly, when the water is boiled, I will also be cooked!

So again, what Excite You? That is a very person question and you do not have answer me here. But if you like, can leave a comment or note in the comment section or even leave a message below.

Remember the old days, when you were young, you were asked to do an essay title” My Ambition” or “What I want to do when I grow up?” Frankly, I cannot remember what I had written, it might have changes many times over the years. It doesn’t matter what you have written before but what is important here is

“What are you writing today for the rest of your life?”   It can be a small or  noble goal like

  1. Providing a good tertiary education for your children.
  2. Have a holiday with your love one every year.
  3. Visit the all the Seven Wonders of the world
  4. Set up a Foundation to help the needies
  5. Write a and publish a book
  6. etc étc etc ….
Lau Tzu
Journey of Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

What ever your goal may be, you need to ACT. and Another Robbin said “ To be Massively Successful, you need  have Massive Action.”  Your massive action starts with one very small step as

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles, begin with A Single Step!”  Lau Tzu.

The photo was taken recently at the entrance to the lift of a 5 Star hotel. The quotation from Lu Tzu was projected to the wall, each time I walk toward the lift, I look at the quotation and pause and think on not the single step but the thousand miles;

  1. What will that thousand miles lead me to?
  2. What direction of life that I am heading now?
  3. Is that the right direction that I am heading? if not
  4. Where is the true direction?
  5. What Single step I need to go?

I may had mine, i said may because the direction is set and still adjusting, what is Yours?

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