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Toward Rough Sea

How is business? If you ask many businessmen today in our country, majority will tell you business had gotten from bad to worse. This morning I met an old customer friend and asked him how was his business, the answer, you bet, business has been dropping after the festive season. Using he term and expression by his hand gesture; business is noise diving and cost is sky rocketing.

Toward Rough Sea
Toward Rough Sea overcome challenges and obstacles

Is business really that bad? If you asked people on the street, many will tell you so. But when you see the numbers of new houses, condominium, shop and shopping centre mushrooming, you tend to have a second thought and asked, “Is our economy that bad?” Most people listen to the majority, but the again, who constitute majority, their friends, their neighbours, the media expert.

People has this herd mentality syndrome, when things are not going their way and another person just enforce it and another fews confirmed it,  you will notice that his situation will be getting from bad. He will lost his rational thinking and started to think and behave like the “majority” After sometime he will confirm that his situation is worsen and keep  spiral downy.

Are you suffering form such syndrome? Are you easily influence by those “Nay” sayer that what you think, you goal and your system won’t work. You are just wasting your time and money. That you should do something else, Online business, writing a book, you must be kidding!

When you face with such situation, just remind yourself that when Thomas Edison invented lightbulb, people pointed out tat he had fail the thousand times, And Edison replied, “No sir, I do not fail ten thousand times, I just discover ten thousand ways that make lightbulb not lighting.”

How you perceive the situation makes a lot of differences on your future. Remember our very first quotation “When you change the way you see  thing, the things you saw changes its respond”

How we look at our situation today and react to it will share our future, When someone tell you it cannot be don’t, tell him that  history had proved that many things which seemed impossible ten or twenty years ago, had become reality.

DO what you heart desire and never be influenced by the Negative people. They are there to build up your belief and work momentum. Focus on your winning system, Just Do It. Success shall be yours.

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