Your winning System

I was going through a lesson that I follow a couple of days ago and one video strike me. All the while we are asked to set goal, without a goal we will lost our direction and cannot reach our destiny.  After watching this video and rethink back  the blogpost on “The Little Boy Who Know his Destiny.” I realised that there is an important lesson that we can and I had learnt from this as well as the little boy who work part time in the coffee shop while schooling.

Lay down what ever you are doing now and watch this video. If will blow your mind and rethink on your destiny.

The path to success is very much depend on focusing on working  a system instead of focusing on your goal. If you do not have a goal but consistently working on a system, having a feedback loop, you will eventually reaching your destiny.

You see, the little or young boy has a system to follow. He knew his family cannot afford to provide  a conducive environment for the advancement  in his education, so he find a kind employer who allow him to work part time and also provide tuition when he needed coaching. He works during his school break and free time to earn extra income to support himself and his sister expenses . He wake up early in the morning  to revised his lesson and  does his home work. Consistently he is able to come out first in his class.

You see, he might not know any thing about goal setting, but he knew by working this system, part-time work to earn extra income, get coaching from his employer and doing his homework and lesson revision early in the morning works. His system lead him to be the first in his class. If he continue and consistently working on this winning system, he shall be able to pass his high school with flying colour.

So what is your winning system, find a quiet place sit back and rewind your past, going through those success moment and search deep inside your mind, what system that you had applied that lead you to success, be it winning a goal medal in school athelitic competition, getting a promotion, get a stage recognition for a well delivered speech, etc act. Sure there is some form of system that lead you to achieve what you had achieved.

Take this system out, modify and start to apply on something  that you want to achieve. Without long, you will reach your destiny without even you realising it.

Do it now!

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