Do it in a Certain Way

“You don’t get Rich by Doing Certain Things, You Get Rich by Doing Thing in a Certain Way!”

I happens to browse through an old ebook and stumble on this quotation, it strike on me that how we do things will determine success or failure. Why certain business is striving during bad times and why some business fail even during th best of economic condition. Its sure depend on how they do their business.

When business is dropping, and your competitor is doing great business, there must be something that you have done wrong and they have do right. Observe how other conducting their business, how they treat their customers, what they do to retain their customers and employees. Their success is not sudden, there should be a trail and pattern that you can follow.

You have to look into your own operation and make some adjustment, if your competitors can do it so do you. Just change the way you do things and you will see your business grow.

How is Business

Toward Rough Sea

How is business? If you ask many businessmen today in our country, majority will tell you business had gotten from bad to worse. This morning I met an old customer friend and asked him how was his business, the answer, you bet, business has been dropping after the festive season. Using he term and expression by his hand gesture; business is noise diving and cost is sky rocketing.

Toward Rough Sea
Toward Rough Sea overcome challenges and obstacles

Is business really that bad? If you asked people on the street, many will tell you so. But when you see the numbers of new houses, condominium, shop and shopping centre mushrooming, you tend to have a second thought and asked, “Is our economy that bad?” Most people listen to the majority, but the again, who constitute majority, their friends, their neighbours, the media expert.

People has this herd mentality syndrome, when things are not going their way and another person just enforce it and another fews confirmed it,  you will notice that his situation will be getting from bad. He will lost his rational thinking and started to think and behave like the “majority” After sometime he will confirm that his situation is worsen and keep  spiral downy.

Are you suffering form such syndrome? Are you easily influence by those “Nay” sayer that what you think, you goal and your system won’t work. You are just wasting your time and money. That you should do something else, Online business, writing a book, you must be kidding!

When you face with such situation, just remind yourself that when Thomas Edison invented lightbulb, people pointed out tat he had fail the thousand times, And Edison replied, “No sir, I do not fail ten thousand times, I just discover ten thousand ways that make lightbulb not lighting.”

How you perceive the situation makes a lot of differences on your future. Remember our very first quotation “When you change the way you see  thing, the things you saw changes its respond”

How we look at our situation today and react to it will share our future, When someone tell you it cannot be don’t, tell him that  history had proved that many things which seemed impossible ten or twenty years ago, had become reality.

DO what you heart desire and never be influenced by the Negative people. They are there to build up your belief and work momentum. Focus on your winning system, Just Do It. Success shall be yours.

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Your winning System

I was going through a lesson that I follow a couple of days ago and one video strike me. All the while we are asked to set goal, without a goal we will lost our direction and cannot reach our destiny.  After watching this video and rethink back  the blogpost on “The Little Boy Who Know his Destiny.” I realised that there is an important lesson that we can and I had learnt from this as well as the little boy who work part time in the coffee shop while schooling.

Lay down what ever you are doing now and watch this video. If will blow your mind and rethink on your destiny.

The path to success is very much depend on focusing on working  a system instead of focusing on your goal. If you do not have a goal but consistently working on a system, having a feedback loop, you will eventually reaching your destiny.

You see, the little or young boy has a system to follow. He knew his family cannot afford to provide  a conducive environment for the advancement  in his education, so he find a kind employer who allow him to work part time and also provide tuition when he needed coaching. He works during his school break and free time to earn extra income to support himself and his sister expenses . He wake up early in the morning  to revised his lesson and  does his home work. Consistently he is able to come out first in his class.

You see, he might not know any thing about goal setting, but he knew by working this system, part-time work to earn extra income, get coaching from his employer and doing his homework and lesson revision early in the morning works. His system lead him to be the first in his class. If he continue and consistently working on this winning system, he shall be able to pass his high school with flying colour.

So what is your winning system, find a quiet place sit back and rewind your past, going through those success moment and search deep inside your mind, what system that you had applied that lead you to success, be it winning a goal medal in school athelitic competition, getting a promotion, get a stage recognition for a well delivered speech, etc act. Sure there is some form of system that lead you to achieve what you had achieved.

Take this system out, modify and start to apply on something  that you want to achieve. Without long, you will reach your destiny without even you realising it.

Do it now!

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